Door to door service

The rate you are quoted will be for door to door service (unless specified otherwise).
“Door to door” means “as close as the truck can legally and safely reach the pickup/delivery location.” However, in some cases, it may be necessary to meet the truck at a prearranged spot to load and unload. This may occur because of local weight restrictions, low hanging branches, narrow streets or difficulty exiting your neighborhood.
Contact is usually made 24 hours in advance. Please be aware that the driver or his dispatcher will need to make actual contact with someone before they will deliver your car.

What if my car is damaged upon delivery?

Please call the offices of MPC immediately. In most cases, we have only 30 days to file a claim and if not reported to us within 30 days we cannot offer assistance or be held responsible for any damage that might have occurred.

Additionally, you must clearly indicate any resulting damage that occurred during shipping on the “Bill of Lading” or delivery receipt issued by the driver at the time of delivery.

Differences in Shipping methods

The simple difference is that on an enclosed container your vehicle will not be exposed to the weather and road conditions and the insurance on an enclose carrier is 1.000.000 per vehicle while on an open carrier is $100.000 per vehicle.

How do I pay for the service?

Once your vehicle has been confirmed with the driver and the dispatch department has provided you with your driver’s information MPC will be charging you a small percentage of the total fee through the credit or debit card that you provided the representatives that took your reservation. The remaining amount will be paid to the driver: cash, money order, or certified check.

What is MPC’s Cancellation policy?

We understand that plans do change and if you decide to cancel the transportation of your vehicle prior to a driver being assigned there will be no cancellation fee. But if your vehicle has already been confirmed there will be a running fee of $150